Barn Block of the Month – Finally Finished!!

Hi Everyone!  We realized that there are lots of pictures circulating of the finished barn quilt so instead of pretending like we are doing some kind of “big reveal” we decided to post the remainder of the blocks all at once for you to enjoy.  The internet makes it soooo hard to keep secrets and plan surprises!

Here are blocks 6 thru 9…
Barn BOM Block 6

Barn BOM Block 7

Barn BOM Block 8

Barn BOM Block 9


And here is the finished quilt hanging in The Country Loft finally all quilted and bound.
Barn Block of the Month

If you’d like to see detailed pictures of the quilting you can head on over to my other blog, Taylored Stitches.  On a side note, I’m not quite sure what possessed me to start another blog as I can barely keep up with this one!  Oh well, I’m having fun with it and the blogs help me to improve my writing skills. 🙂